Piwik Analytics

Piwik Analytics Plugin for xt:Commerce

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Piwik Analytics is an open source web analytics platform. In contrast to Google Analytics all data is stored and analyzed locally on your server.

The plugin for xt:Commerce automatically integrates the tracking code on every site of the shop and allows ecommerce tracking with Piwik. The JavaScript tracking code is loaded asynchronously, thus the shop performance does not suffer (other plugins for xt:Commerce integrate the code synchronously and may lead to a slower page loading).


In addition to the regular visitor tracking, the following ecommerce aspects are analyzed:

  • Product-Page views
  • Category-Page views
  • Cart monitoring (Products in cart, abandoned cart items – lost revenue)
  • Orders (successful revenues, split in subtotal, tax, shipping cost and granted discount)

Ecommerce tracking is not available using the standard static Piwik tracking code, only this plugin facilitates this Piwik potential.

The plugin is multishop-enabled and can be configured for each shop individually.


  • Status: true/false (enable or disable the plugin for a shop)
  • Piwik URL: e.g. www.DOMAIN.com/piwik (URL to Piwik installation)
  • Page ID (the ID of the site in Piwik)
  • Ecommerce: true/false (enable or disable ecommerce tracking) [Default: true]
  • Load Piwik asynchronously: true/false (load Piwik asynchronously or synchronously) [Default: true]
  • Only Image Tracking: true/false (deactivates JavaScript tracking and uses a pixel image instead – not recommended, because ecommerce tracking is not possible when Image Tracking is used) [Default: false]


The plugin is prepared for the following languages: German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Compatible with xt:Commerce versions 4.2.00, 4.1.10, 4.1.00, 4.0.16, 4.0.15, 4.0.14, 4.0.13

Piwik Analytics Plugin for xt:Commerce is released under the GPL v3 (or later) license. Licensing in xt:Commerce is not necessary.

Plugin download in the xt:Commerce Market: http://addons.xt-commerce.com/en/Plugins/Statistic-/-Tracking/Piwik-Analytics-Ecommerce-Tracking.html [Update: the plugin has not been tested/updated for xt:Commerce 5/6, thus it is currently not available in the official plugin store.]

Direct download: Piwik Analytics Plugin v1.0.1

Project on GitHub: https://github.com/favor-it/xt-commerce-piwik


In order to enable Piwik to analyze the internal search of xt:Commerce, one has to add the parameter „keywords“ to the query parameter list in the Piwik settings:

Query parameter: q, query, s, search, searchword, k, keyword, keywords